Yazoo - Where the blues come from

The English electro pop duo Yazoo (originally from Basildon, Essex) was formed by former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke and singer Alison Moyet. 

Yazoo band name origins - Yazoo jazz labelApparently it was Moyet who figured out the band name, thinking affectionately of the somewhat obscure American (jazz) record label of the same name. Obviously the name caused legal difficulties and all that jazz when Yazoo tried to get a foothold in the States, and as a result it had to be tuned down to Yaz there, from a phonetic viewpoint by the way not a bad solution at all. 

Yazoo - this is for those who really want to know everything - is also both the name of a small town and of a river in the Mississippi Delta; it has been claimed that Yazoo City and Yazoo River are the birthplaces of the blues.

Active: 1981-1983; 2008-present, GBR

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