Aerosmith - The correct reading

Hard rockers from Geffen, Columbia, also known as the Bad Boys from Boston.

According to a source of questionable standing their band name means ‘someone producing hot air’. A more devoted fan holds the opinion that the band translates air into sound. That sounds a bit better, but it’s still nonsense. There is also the book Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis that may have served as a source of inspiration.

Drummer Joey Kramer however denies this. He claims to have heard Harry Nilsson’s Aerial Ballet while still at school. After playing around a bit with these words he came up with Aerosmith.

Only some time later, after he had formed a band with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the name came back into the picture. Assuming that it was a reference to the book called Arrowsmith, which was compulsory reading matter in their school days, the band didn’t think much of it at first. Only after Joey cried ‘No, no, A-E-R-O!’ in despair they finally gave in.

Active: 1969-present, USA

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