Alternative rock band from Whitehaven in Cumbria, in Northern England.

The group does not take its name from this type of sailing boat, neither from the namesake steam locomotive from 1926, nor from the most successful chair that the Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen ever created, but from something more down-to-earth: the exit of a highway.

The name was chosen after a number of other possibilities (Red River, Blind, Siren) had been rejected slightly disgustedly. After a night out a homeward bound taxi was hired and during the ride the tipsy band members pressed the driver to come up with a new band name. Looking out the window the man called out 'A595' in despair, because at that moment they passed a sign with that road number.

J-39 band name origins - Junction 39 M6Apparently A595 was not destined to become the band name, but the idea of a 'motorway name' did catch on. Frequently touring and constantly being on the M6 it was decided to use the number of their favorite exit - the last one on their trip – for their band name: Junction 39 – at least that is what they thought. It turned out that their last exit actually was J-40, but they missed that. Too bad according to many, because J-39 is pretty much the most boring exit the M6 has to offer.

Not everyone agrees with that however, because the site route6.co.uk tells us that ‘Junction 39 is the highest junction on the M6 [..]. What is unusual about this junction is that [its] bridge is on a minor road, serving some local quarries; traffic is directed westward where after 1/4 mile the road joins the B6261 coming in from Orton, 1/2 mile after the road comes to a ‘T’ junction with the A6; the A6 south of this junction being a primary route, north of the junction it becomes a non primary route, most maps show the section of the B6261 and the minor road leaving to the motorway as a primary route!’

Something to keep in mind, should you ever be in the area.

Active: -2004, GBR
Site: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=173425

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