Kiss band name origins - kiss lipsIn 1971 the future drummer of the New York heavy metal band Kiss, Peter 'Catman' Criss (born as George Peter John Criscuola), was still playing with his own trio called Lips. When the at the time still unnamed band Kiss made a car ride through Queens, allegedly Criss (other sources mention Paul 'Starchild' Stanley) jokingly suggested 'Kiss', as a logical continuation of Lips. In a noisy car the drummer may also have called out ‘Criss’ of course.

Many fans however stubbornly embrace the view that Kiss is an acronym, standing for Knights In Satan's Service or (according to the more composed Kiss adepts) for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Active: 1973-present, USA

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mmforte said...

Yes they were driving in New York city, queens to be exact, looked up at the street sign that read "Kissena Blvd." and came up with KISS

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's the way I remember it. Kissena Blvd. Translated into KISS. Why does it have to have an Evil Connotations?

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