Manic Street Preachers

Glam punkers and hard rockers from Blackwood in Wales, also known as The Manics or, shorter even, Manics.

Manic Street Preachers band name origins - Street preacherSimon Price in his biography 'Everything (about Manic Street Preachers)' describes how the band came to its name.

Singer James Dean Bradfield, working as a street musician in Cardiff, got into an argument with a passer-by.

In a fit of rage the latter apparently called out to Bradfield: ‘What are you, boyo, some kind of manic street preacher?’.

Active: 1986-present, GBR

Do you know a different explanation? Can you add interesting details? Were you there when it happened? Anything else you like to share? Post a comment!



Anonymous said...

Yes I do, a band member was walking along Queen St. Cardiff when a member of the public spotted the God Banner man and said 'It's a Manic Street Preacher', well that's how I remember saying it.

Unknown said...

Yes that is a different explanation. Thanks!

If the preacher knew what role he plays in music history, would he use it? "Hey, listen up people, for I am the one and only original Manic Street Preacher!"

Is he still active, do you know?

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