Nickelback band name origins - caramel macchiatoRock and post grunge band from Hanna, Alberta, known for its strong sound.

Bassist Mike Kroeger once worked at one of the branches of coffee maker Starbucks, the kind of company that usually marks its products with a price ending in a '5' and not seldom in ‘95’.

Consequently Kroeger was busy all day giving change to his customers on their purchase of a caramel macchiato, a bowl of eggnog latte or a cup of peppermint white chocolate mocha, often murmuring ‘Here's your nickel back’.

Active: 1995-present, CAN

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Gary said...

I heard they were on tour without a name went to a gas station convivence store Spent $19.95 on food for the road, gave the gas guy $20

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