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Pink Floyd band name origins - Pink Anderson and sonYou either love them or you hate them, the sounds that Pink Floyd produced in the more than thirty years of its existence. Fact is that the works of the band from distinguished Cambridge are considered immortal by many.

There are also those, however, who describe their music and lyrics respectively as 'watery' and ‘swimming’ - no wonder when band members have names as Waters and Gilmour.

Pink Floyd band name origins - Floyd CouncilIt took quite some time before the final band name was chosen, because the Floyd was first called - among other things, mind you - The Meggadeaths, The (Screaming) Abdabs, Leonard's Lodgers and The Spectrum Five, before The Tea Set was chosen, perhaps because the first rehearsals took place in the canteen of the Institute of Technology in Regent Street, London.

This last name did not survive either: ultimately it became Pink Floyd, not because the two words are English slang for the male private parts, nor because the overuse of drugs leads to pink colored trips, but because the name allowed the band members to pay tribute to two greatly admired American blues musicians: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Pink and Floyd never played together by the way, although you would say that that could have been done had they made the effort, because Pinkney ('Pink') Anderson (1900-1974) was from South Carolina and Floyd Council (1911-1976) from North Carolina.

Active: 1965-1996, GBR

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Anonymous said..., it wasn’t from the pet cat named “Pink” or “Pinky” and Blues musician Floyd?

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