Stone Temple Pilots

Usually a long band name is indolently reduced to an abbreviation, but the Stone Temple Pilots already had the abbreviation before they had a band name.

The grunge band from San Diego, California initially was called Mighty Joe Young, but a blues artist who was already using this name (borrowed from the title of a 1949 horror film) changed everything.

As pre-schoolers the band members had stuck impressive STP stickers (of the oil company of the same name) on their bicycles and so, well, why not?

The original meaning of the abbreviation STP, Scientifically Treated Petroleum, apparently was considered to be too boring, because a new meaning for the letters was looked for; in the end that was Stone Temple Pilots, after having laid aside somewhat reluctantly such suggestions as Shirley Temple's Pussy and Stinky Toilet Paper.

Nice touch: STP is slang for a psychedelic drug described by scientists as 2.5 Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, also known as DOM – as in boredom.

Active: 1986-2003; 2008-present, USA

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Anonymous said...

There was an early computer video about the same time named Stone Temple Stone Temple Pilots.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe the name was a reference to Ancient Alien Astronauts who, as some theorists suggest, were responsible for building structures such as the Great Pyramid and Puma Punku.

Anonymous said...

Stone Temple Pilots: look up "Vimana"

Anonymous said...

There is a TEMPLE in Japan built around a huge rock that is a representation of a STONE aircraft the ancient Japanese believed was PILOTED by gods. Many Japanese people, even to this day, believe the giant stone is home to the gods who piloted the aircraft made of stone. Just a thought...who knows, maybe the one who suggested Stone Temple Pilots heard the story, and remembered it, consciously or subconsciously.

Anonymous said...

The temple / stone spaceship is called Ishi-no-hoden

Unknown said...

Just finished watching a documentary about ancient temples in India that legends refer to as reproductions of temples that doubled as conical,alien- operated spacecraft, thus the name "Stone Temple Pilots".

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