Utah Saints

Electronic dance pop duo from Leeds consisting of Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt. Outside the studio the pair gets support from other artists.

The Saints got the Utah part of the name from the last (voice-over spoken) dialogue in the movie Raising Arizona (1987), directed by Joel Coen:

‘It seemed like us. And it seemed like, well... our home. If not Arizona, then a land not too far away, where all parents are strong and wise and capable and all the children are happy and beloved. I don’t know. Maybe it was Utah.’

And regarding the Saints part of the name: according to Jez and Tim that word was added to create a kind of 'group feeling'.

Active: 1990-present, GBR
Site: http://www.utahsaints.com/

Do you know a different explanation? Can you add interesting details? Were you there when it happened? Anything else you like to share? Post a comment!



Geronimo Jackson said...

Utah is the headquarters of the Mormons. The Mormons consider themelves to be saints. The official name of the Mormon denomination is "The Church of Latter Day Saints". I suspect the artists' name is a play on that.

Anonymous said...

Utah's NBA franchise was stolen for New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz became the Utah Jazz. If Utah stole the New Orleans NFL franchise, they would become the Utah Saints.

Anonymous said...

Just to add a correction to Geronimo Jackson's very informative comment, the correct name of the Mormon church is The Church of "Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

Dying To Live said...

The bands name ' Utah Saints ' was derived from the Mormons of Utah.

It is a sarcastic call to arms against the evil Mormons who are not saints but satan in disguise.

Listen to the lyrics in every song, they all join up into one statement that shines focus on the evil dealings and corruption of the Mormons.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a hostile, judgemental, piece of crap you are!

Unknown said...

That all sounds like bullsh*t... If it doesn't have a realistic origin then, just say so... The Utah Saints are just as Badass as they were when I was a kid... Whether their name means anything or not... UTAH SAINTS RULE!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr No Appendix, you are an idiot

Anonymous said...

I had heard the New Orleans Saints connection in the past as well. To read it a second time on the internet means it must be true, so that is the one I will go with.

tactictaylor said...

I actually don't think any connection to The church of jesus christ of latter day saints,just coincidence. I'm English, but have lived in Utah, its not uncommon for groups to pick abstract names. Arizona has mormon areas too,like say Mesa, so it would be illogical to think it's that different to Utah, in many respects.

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