Bad Lieutenant - A disturbing kind of cool

Alternative rock band, the most high-ranking band member of which is guitarist and lead singer Bernard Sumner, known from the groups New Order and Joy Division.

Sumner has a preference for band names that refer to Nazi Germany, but for the name Bad Lieutenant he chose a different angle and entered the world of cinema.

Bad Lieutenant band name inspiration - Harvey Keitel - Abel Ferrara filmBad Lieutenant (1992) by director Abel Ferrara is one of the most controversial films of the last decades. The video production was given the exceptional NC 17 rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), mainly because of the dazzling drug abuse in the film. In the words of the MPAA: ‘Rated NC-17 for sexual violence, strong sexual situations and dialogue, graphic drug use.’

Sumner who, being an artist, is not easily impressed, was overwhelmed by the film: ‘My God, what a shocking film! It takes a lot to throw me off, but Jesus, this movie was way out there. I couldn’t shake its effect. For days and weeks, it’s all I thought about. So the title just stuck. It was disturbing at first, and now I just think it’s kind of cool.’

USA’s main video rental company Blockbuster refused to offer the film for rent, so a special version was released, 5 minutes shorter and rated R.

Active: 2007-present, GBR

See also: Joy Division, New Order

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