Fat Mattress - Full of chocolate dollars

Fat Mattress band name story - Chocolate Silver DollarsWhile still playing bass for the Jimi Hendrix Experience Noel Redding founded the folk rock band Fat Mattress.

As a cynical reference to the remarkable avarice of Redding the rumour went round that as an employee of the most sensational guitarist of his time he had been hoarding quite a bag of money.

In reality however profits did not contribute much to his good night’s rest: in the time that Noel and his mate Mitch Mitchell played in the Experience, their bank balances grew only very little.

Active: 1968-1970, GBR

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Unknown said...

The rumor when I was in high school in the late Sixties was that Redding used a mattress as a vehicle for smuggling pot or hash. The mattress made it through customs despite being a bit plumper than it had originally been.

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