Half Man Half Biscuit

The first sounds of this indie rock band could be heared in English Birkenhead.

The expression 'Half man, half biscuit' is rather demeaning. It refers to those ladies who were last in line when female beauty was handed out. A biscuit is a pretty woman (maybe even a piece), and a man - well, a glance at the common man is enough to convince us that women do not wish to be compared with men in the domain of gracefulness.

People whispering 'Look at her! She's awful; more like half man half biscuit' hardly gives a woman heart.

Active: 1984-1986; 1990-present, GBR
Site: http://cobweb.businesscollaborator.com/hmhb/

Do you know a different explanation or interesting details? Were you there when it happened? Other names you like explained? Any suggestions? Post a comment!



Anonymous said...

No it’s Christian theology the moment the communion wafer is changed to the body of Christ

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