Iced Earth

Tampa, Florida is the place where Iced Earth was created over a quarter of a century ago.

The band - genres: heavy metal, power metal and thrash metal - in fact revolves around John Schaffer, who changed the original name Purgatory to Iced Earth, as a tribute to a good friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Indiana.

Iced Earth is also the title of an Iced Earth song, but despite the gloomy text

‘I stand on the glacier
Above it all/
Watching them crumble
Watching them crawl
Iced Earth has risen
Nature will fall
Death and destruction
Mark them or fall’

the motorcycle accident seems to play no role in it.

That is the case with Watching Over Me:

‘I had a friend many years ago
One tragic night he died
The saddest time of my life
For weeks and weeks I cried
Through the anger and through the I tears
I’ve felt his spirit through the years/
I’d swear, He’s watching me
Guiding me through hard times’.

Active: 1984-present, USA

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