Jayne Mansfield's Head

This formation from Massapequa, New York, established somewhere in the 1980s - nowadays producer of instrumental music - tried to ride with the rather hyped image of bosomy actress Jayne Mansfield (something like the light version of Marilyn Monroe).

Mansfield died in 1967; after a gig in the Gus Stevens Supper Club in Biloxi, Mississippi, Mansfield, her married friend Sam Brody and a driver, along with Jayne's children Miklós, Zoltan and Mariska, were on their way to New Orleans in Gus Stevens' Buick Electra 225, where Jayne would be interviewed early in the morning. On June 29 at about half past two in the morning the car collided with a tractor that had slowed down because it was spraying insecticide. The children survived with minor injuries, but the adults were killed instantly.

There were rumors that Jayne had been beheaded in the accident, but later that was found to be a misunderstanding: the blonde wig she was wearing had been pulled off at impact.

Active: 198?-present, USA

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