M83 band name origins - Star_birth_in_Messier_83_(captured_by_the_Hubble_Space_Telescope)The French musician Anthony Gonzalez resides in Antibes and is the founder of M83 (full name in French is M Quatre-Vingt-Trois). The pop act has numbers on its repertoire that may be considered a melange of ambient, synth rock, dream pop and regarder vers le bas de vos chaussures (‘shoegazing’).

M83 is named after the spiral-shaped star system Messier 83/NGC 5236 that is found in the Hydra constellation. The system - one of the brightest in our skies, visible with binoculars and about fifteen million light years from Earth - is also known as M83.

Active: 2001-present, FRA
Site: http://ilovem83.com/

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