Mott the Hoople - Broke the silence

Mott the Hoople band name origins - Willard Manus - Mott the HoopleMott the Hoople owes its reputation to a recording it made of David Bowie's composition All the Young Dudes.

They owe their name, these glam rockers from Herefordshire, England, to British producer Guy Stevens, who discovered the group in 1969 when the band was making a living as Silence.

A year earlier Stevens had been in prison for a while because of illegal drug possession. In the nick he read the book Mott the Hoople (a kind of circus novel) by Willard Manus. There and then Stevens – impressed by Manus’ novel apparently – conceived the plan to some day manage a band that was to achieve fame as Mott the Hoople.

Reluctantly Silence agreed to the change of name imposed by their manager.

This same Guy Stevens by the way also came up with the name of an even bigger act: Procol Harum.

Active: 1969-1974, GBR

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