Pavlov's Dog

Album-oriented rock, that is what the band from St. Louis, Missouri is good at. 

Music that makes one drool, we would be inclined to say in this case - if that was not so easy. Because the band name refers of course to the famous experiment Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936) carried out with dogs. 

Almost everyone thinks that Pavlov rang a bell before feeding the dogs (with the supposed effect that the four-footed animals would start to drool as soon as they heard chiming), but that is doubted nowadays.

Pavlov did use all kinds of stimuli to incite the dogs to a so-called conditioned reflex (drooling): electric shocks, whistles, metronomes, tuning forks and maybe bells as well - must have been quite a circus, that laboratory!

Active: 1972-1977; 1990-present, USA

Do you know a different explanation? Were you there when it happened? Other names you like explained? Questions or suggestions? Post a comment!

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