Whitlams - For want of something worse

Whitlams band name idea - Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with NixonAustralian rock band from Sydney. One of the very few acts that prefers to use the name of a modern politician on their billboards. Because the Whitlams were named after the former socialist Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam.

This Whitlam made history (down under at least) by becoming Prime Minister in 1972 and being re-elected in 1974, to be fired a year later by the Governor of Australia, after the country had been shaken up badly by Government scandals and a declining economy. Whitlam is the only Australian Prime Minister who came to his political end in this way.

Founder Tim Freedman of the Whitlams believes that a band name must suck to be any good - hence the eye of the band fell on the name of a loser.

Active: 1992-present, AUS
Site: http://www.thewhitlams.com/NEWS/

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