Boney M - The cool daddy of their name

Boney M band name history - Napoleon crossing the Alps - Jacques-Louis DavidExtremely commercial pop and disco group, brainchild of record producer Frank Farian (in reality Franz Reuther, *1941) and initially working from Germany. 

The clown who on the internet claims that the group name has something to do with French emperor NapolĂ©on Bonaparte (the 'M' would in that case stand for 'music') obviously deserves to be exiled to Elba. 

More plausible is the statement that Boney M. is short for Boney Maroney, a rock 'n' roll number that was inimitably carved in vinyl by Ritchie Valens ('I got a girl named Boney Maroney/she's as skinny as a stick of macaroni', etc.). 

This however will also have to be relegated to the realm of fantasy: the origin really lies with a hero of an Australian television series broadcast in 1972 and 1973 called Boney. In the leading part of that series we see James Laurenson, as Inspector Napoleon 'Boney' Bonaparte. 

Mmm, must make a mental note to get that guy back from Elba again.

Active: 1975-1985; 1986-present, DEU



Unknown said...

This is a shot in the dark but I believe it is the Acronym for Bank of New York Mellon.

Clair said...

All I know is they were the worst, most embarrassing group known to man. They could clear a dance floor in seconds. What on earth were those "songs" about, and what was with the "dancing" and his hair. One big joke.

Unknown said...

Just shows how personal music is Clair - they filled many a dance floor in my region and sold millions; some naff songs for sure but some great ones as well.

v8powerage said...

What about Sunny how it doesn't make sense to You, it's just a cover of old american song. And the guy from the band could really dance he was like dance machine how was it not dancing music wtf.

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