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Irving Klaw Trio band name history - Irvin Klaw - Bettie PageAmerican experimental rock group formed in Olympia, Washington by Evergreen State College students. Consisted of four men at one point, but was still called Trio.

Irvin Klaw the person was a photographer who in the 1950s caused a furore with naughty photos that sometimes even showed bondage situations. Shame! Klaw's most famous model was Bettie Page.

Bettie Page - this aside – has nothing to do with Patti Page, the alias that American singer Clara Ann Fowler assumed (you may know her from The Tennessee Waltz). As an 18-year-old Clara Ann regularly performed during a radio program broadcast by radio station KTUL from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This program was sponsored by the Page Milk Company, and that is how the singer eventually earned the nickname ‘The Page Girl', later converted into Patti Page.

But now we're really wandering off the subject.

Active: 199?; -199?, USA

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