Sex Pistols

'Never mind the bollocks, here's the sex pistols' is the title of the only (studio) album that the English punk group The Sex Pistols ever unleashed on humanity.

If we follow the advice of the album title and leave the balls out of the equation, it's pretty obvious what we're left with and what 'pistols' means.
Sex Pistols name meaning - Anatomy of a pistil
Still, there are people who believe that by pistols not human genitals are meant, but floral genitals: the name Sex Pistols is a corruption of pistilla sex, the sexual organ of a flower or plant that grows female reproductive cells.

For God's sake: a pistil consists of an ovary, a style and a stigma.

Active: 1975-1978, GBR




I remember that when I first heard the name 'Sex Pistols' I knew that I'd heard it somewhere before - it was in a play shown on the BBC as part of the Play For Today series. But I can't remember the name of the play, and I haven't been able to find any reference to it online.
All I remember was that there was a scene in the play that involved a load of hippie students writhing around in sleeping bags in someone's front room, and someone shouting 'We're the Sex Pistols!!'
No one else I know remembers it, but I'm sure I didn't imagine it.


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