Wolfsheim - Foul play

Wolfsheim name history - White Sox schandaalSynth duo from the German port of Hamburg, consisting of Markus Reinhardt and Peter Heppner.

In the novel The Great Gatsby (Scott Fitzgerald, 1925) a character is introduced called Meyer Wolfsheim. Fitzgerald modeled this Wolfsheim very clearly on Jewish underworld figure Arnold Rothstein, allegedly the man behind the so-called Black Sox scandal.

In 1919 baseball’s World Series were 'sold': a fortune supposedly provided by Rothstein convinced the team members of the White Sox from Chicago that they should not beat the Cincinatti Reds. When the case came out as many as eight White Sox players were banished from the baseball fields for the rest of their lives.

Active: 1987-2008, DEU
Site: http://www.wolfsheim.de/

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