Angry Samoans

Why Angry Samoans - Sika Wild SamoanThey are from Van Nuys, California and they play garage punk and hardcore music: they are the Angry Samoans.

Judging by their name some agitation must be expected on stage. Small wonder, because they derived their name from a duo of low moral standards that knocked about the pro wrestling arenas some time ago.

Two brothers are involved, Arthur ‘Afa' Anoa'i Sr. and Leati ‘Sika' Anoa'i. At the time the couple very convincingly projected themselves into the role of Samoan wild men - and not only in the wrestling ring.

During interviews the duo hardly spoke, apart from some growling in a primitive dialect only understood by their manager, captain Lou Albano. While Albano was carefully translating, Afa and Sika picked their noses or devoured raw fish.

Almost everyone was convinced, however, that this was acquired rather than innate behavior.

Active: 1978-present, USA

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