Bee Gees - Probably not what you think

English singing group with at least two musical lives: as harmonic soft rockers and as disco musicians. Through the years composed of three, four, three and two Gibb brothers.

Contrary to popular belief, the band name does not necessarily nor evidently stand for the Brothers Gibb.

Bee Gees different name explanation - Ego tripperThe Gibbs, living in Australia at the time that their band name had to be determined, were chaperoned by impresario Bill Goode, who was in the speedway business. This Goode, apparently impressed after having seen the brothers Gibb perform at Brisbane's Speedway Circuit, made arrangements for them to meet radio dj Bill Gates (not related to the software multimillionaire), obviously with the intention to generate air play.

To Gates it was too good to be true that both Goode's and his own initials were 'BG'. And that is how, according to tradition, the name became Bee Gees: through mediation of the clearly not so modest Goode and Gates. It is doubtful that the very young brothers had much of a say in all this.

There is also the story of that fervent fan who claims to have seen the Bee Gees perform well before Bill Gates was around, and according to this fan that performance took place in 1965. The dating undermines the story's foundation: the brothers Gibb had already met Goode and Gates by the end of the fifties.

Active: 1958-2003; 2009-?, GBR

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