Blondie - Shake it honey!

Blondie name idea - Construction workersRock band, established by singer Deborah ('Debbie') Harry and guitarist Chris Stein.

Blondie is the name of the entire band, not Harry's name. Debbie's platinum dyed hair is supposed to have enticed many a New York construction worker to exclamations such as 'Hey, Blondie' (according to some sources followed by '...give us a screw!'), which will have simplified the selection of a band name considerably.

Persistent rumours of a different nature are also circulating, being that the band's thinking was tinged either by the Blondie cartoon by Chic Young, or by the Germanic Urhund (read: German shepherd) that between 1941 and 1945 always stood at Adolf Hitler's side.

Something is to be said for the first option, considering the resemblance of Debbie Harry to the cartoon figure, and nothing for the second: Hitler's bitch was called Blondi, no 'e' at the end.

Active: 1975-1982; 1997-present, USA

Do you know a different explanation? Were you there when it happened? Questions or suggestions? Post a comment!

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