Captain Beefheart

What Captain Beefheart means - Beef ChartBeefheart actually is Don Glen Vliet (aka Don Van Vliet, born 1941). Together with a constantly changing backing band (The Magic Band) Don produced experimental blues rock, psychedelic rock, avant-garde music and proto punk.

There are several explanations of Van Vliet's 's pseudonym, said to have been used previously by the entire band. It has been rumored that Frank Zappa coined the name and that he explained his choice with the announcement that Van Vliet always had a beef in his heart against the human race.

Distasteful is the reading in which an uncle of Vincent plays the leading role. The uncle in question supposedly enjoyed squeezing his nose so hard on birthday parties that it turned crimson. Look at that boy! he saluted the sight. Doesn't it look like a big old beefheart?

Active: 1964-1982, USA



Unknown said...

I can remember reading somewhere in the early 70's that the name was attributed to an uncle of Van Vliet's who used to, at family gatherings take out his penis and squeeze it till the end was swollen and proclain that iut was just like a big old beef heart.

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