Cardigans - Longwearing

What Cardigans means - James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of CardiganAlternative rock band from Jönköping in Sweden that has a command of a myriad of styles (among others indie pop and big band-style music).

Named after a remarkable garment that became known thanks to the 'hero of the Crimean War', James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan (1797-1868).

Brudenell's role in that war was somewhat dubious, which came to light however only after quite some time, after the Earl had already built up a large popularity in England.

In his heyday the clothing style he had assumed on the battlefield was copied by many: Brudenell went into battle in a kind of knit jacket with buttons, of a type that nowadays is worn especially by the more nerdy types among us.

At the time shops sold these cardigans like hot cakes.

Cardigan apparently had something with clothing, because he liked to present himself as 'the hero of the Battle of Balaclava', commanding the famous Charge of Light Brigade.

A balaclava is a hat favored by those who need to stay anonymous, because it covers the entire head except the eyes.

Believe it or not: there is a band called The Balaclavas.

Active: 1992-1999; 2003-2006, SWE

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Unknown said...

I have heard of (seen) Cardigans as a family name, as the Jones or Smiths and find it fitting!

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