Marshall Tucker Band - Blind chance

How Marshall Tucker Band got their name - My piano tuner rocksIn the nearly 40 years that the Marshall Tucker Band exists the lineup changed so often that the list of members mentions almost twenty names by now. None of the last names of the current and previous band members is Tucker however.

The country rockers from Spartanburg, South Carolina walked into their future band name entirely by coincidence: they used a rehearsal room that – according to the label on the key of their hang-out - was rented by a certain 'Marshall Tucker'. That sounded good!

Without knowing it the band chose the name of a living person, and not just any person: it was a blind piano tuner. After the band had started saying in interviews that Tucker was dead, a Carolina Camera team set out to prove otherwise. It turned out that Tucker – not yet sixty years old - was (and perhaps still is) practising his profession with great enthusiasm.

It is unknown to us how he is doing these days, but if he is alive he must well into his eighties.

Active: 1972-1983; 1988, USA

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