MC 900 Ft Jesus - Tall tale

How MC 900 Ft Jesus got his name - Christ statue - Cristo_Redentor_Rio_de_JaneiroAlias of Mark Griffin, a classically schooled rapper from Dallas, Texas.

Mark 'stole' his alter ego from someone who caused a sensation in 1980 by claiming that a nearly three hundred foot high Jesus had appeared to him in a vision. That person was 'televangelist' Granville Oral Roberts (1918-2009).

The more than leggy Jesus charged Roberts with the construction of a medical centre (the City of Faith Medical and Research Center). And how could Granville Roberts possibly refuse that request?

In November 1981 the first patient was treated in the center. Five years later it operated at an annual loss of ten million dollars. The losses had increased so much in 1987 that the hospital had to be cleared. Nowadays the buildings are mostly used as offices.

Active: 1989-1995, USA

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