Moody Blues

Their ability to successfully interweave popular with classical music made Birmingham rock band The Moody Blues widely known. That applies in particular to Nights in White Satin, the unforgettable song on the album Days of Future Past. Few people by the way remember the other songs of that album.

Initially prehistoric members Mike Pinder and Ray Thomas were modestly sponsored by the Mitchell & Butler brewery that bought amps for the group. To show their gratitude Pinder and Thomas c.s. named their band after the brewery: at first they performed as M&B Five.

What Moody Blues band name means - Duke_Ellington_starAfter the brewery had ended the sponsorship and the band had become more successful the name was modified – although the letters M and B of their original name were respected: they became The Moody Blues.

Inspiration was found in a song by Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo.

Active: 1964-1974; 1977-present, GBR

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Anonymous said...

My understanding is that they took the name from a tune by a famous cross over (black to white audiences)named Slim Harpo from Louisiana. Because his vocals and guitar and harp playing appealed to many he was emulated by the Stons, Dylan and others. Slim had a popular instrumental called "MOODY BLUE". The M&B boys adopted the catchy name.

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