Shakespear's Sister - From women's eyes ...

How Shakespears Sister got their name - Virginia Woolf - A Room Of Ones Own... this doctrine I derive. (Love's Labour's Lost, Act 4, Scene 3)

The British synth pop rock band Shakespear's Sister (also spelled as Shakespears Sister) was founded in London by the Ireland-born singer/songwriter Siobhan Fahey.

There are two competing inspiration sources of the band name: the number Shakespeare's Sister by The Smiths and - stronger because older - a fictional character in the essay A Room Of One's Own by Virginia Woolf.

In the latter case the sister is Judith Shakespeare, her brother is the bard. Woolf used Judith in her book to show that if William Shakespeare would have been a woman with the same talent, she would never have had the same success, because doors that open wide for men, stay closed for women.

Active: 1988-1996; 2009-present, GBR

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Dennis Winters said...

The phrase Shakespeare's Sister appears in the Tennessee Williams play " The Glass Managerie ", which made me wonder if it was an American phrase. I can't find any useful information about it online, other than the Virginia Wolff reference. I'm still not really sure what it means ( a woman with a good memory ? ). If anyone knows any more, please post .

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