Sixpence none the Richer - Money isn't everything

How did Sixpence none the Richer get their name - Father and sonThe solid core of this Christian rock group from New Braunfels, Texas (nowadays based in Nashville, Tennessee) is formed by guitarist and cellist Matt Slocum and singer Leigh Bingham.

Slocum came up with the band name, that – as confirmed by John J. Thompson's Story of Christian Rock & Roll (Raised by Wolves) - summarizes an extract from a book by C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity.

In one of the stories in Mere Christianity the author describes how a little boy asks his father for a penny (sixpence) to buy a present with for the same father. Pa gratefully accepts his son's gift, but later he realizes that it did not make things any better for him: he received something worth a sixpence, but as a lender it made him none the richer.

A Christian background explains why pa is pleased after all: he is not interested in getting richer - he is just happy that his son made the effort to give him something.

Matt Slocum saw a parallel with making music: if a talent is given to you, then you do well to pass that on to the audience, or give it back to them.

Active: 1992-2004; 2008-present, USA

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