SPK - No patience with doctors

SPK name idea - Sozialistisches_Patienten-KollektivWe don't know if it had something to do with their musical preferences (noise and industrial rock), but fact is that the two founders of SPK (both from Sydney) worked in a mental hospital.

There they were introduced to the ideas of a radical Marxist group from Germany, the Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv, abbreviated SPK and since 1973 also known as Patientenfront. The ideas of the Patientenfront apparently appealed to the imagination.

Active: 1978-approx. 1991, AUS



Anonymous said...

Years ago, I had heard that an alternate explanation was “Surgical Penis Klinik”, very industrial, very Teutonic. If it referred to gender reasignment, I have no idea. Mid-80’s they morphed into a more approachable synth pop/dance sort of thing, like ZTT’s Propaganda.

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