Alice in Chains - Not now I have a headache

Rock band from Seattle, Washington, with possibly an SM inclination. That at least is one of the many explanations for the group name.

How did Alice in Chains choose their name - Alice talking flowersAnother assumption: the name is a variation on Alice in Wonderland (full title Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) by English author Lewis Caroll (full name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis).

It is also possible that at an earlier stage the name was Alice 'n' Chains, and that this has been changed into Alice in Chains later – seems plausible.

Then there is the notion of a connection with the title of an episode of The Brady Bunch TV series, but that doesn't seem to make much sense.

Probably this rumour is a consequence of singer Layne Staley forming a new band with the daring name The Gacy Bunch after Alice in Chains chucked it, in November 1994.

This way he linked the fairly innocent Bradies to notorious mass murderer and amateur clown John Wayne Gacy, sang about so frighteningly beautifully by Sufjan Stevens.

A few other equally improbable explanations amount to a meeting with a three-legged, chained up bitch called Alice, and a relation with a dessert that supposedly went by the rather far-fetched name Apple Alice in Chocolate Chains.

A deeper investigation, and ample funding of course, are desired.

Active: 1987-2002; 2005-present, USA

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