Army of Lovers

From Stockholm, Sweden, and devoted to dance, but known in particular for the colourful (because bisexual) leader of the group, Alexander Bard.

It was Bard who chose Army of Lovers as the band name, making reference to a German cult movie by the (somewhat longer) title Armee der Liebenden oder Revolte der Perversen (1972). The documentary was directed by Rosa von Praunheim (actually Holger Bernhard Bruno Mischwitzky, a name with a much more masculine timbre), champion of the German gay rights movement.

What Army of Lovers stands for - Sacred Band of ThebesRosa / Holger did not come up with this by her- / himself, because the title of the film is grafted onto the history of the Sacred Band of Thebes (fourth century BC), an elite army corps of three hundred men that is assumed to have consisted of 150 pederast couples.

The Band in the end went head to head with Alexander the Great and that turned out pretty bad for them, but that is an entirely different story.

Active: 1987-2001; 2003; 2007; 2009, SWE

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