Blue Cheer

Blues rock band rooted in San Francisco. Many consider their Summertime Blues cover to be the dawn of heavy metal.

How Blue Cheer got their band nameA plausible assumption is that the band took its name from Procter & Gamble detergent Cheer ('It's new - it's blue!'), but the more frequently read explanation is the more likely one: that Blue Cheer was high quality LSD, the use of which was heartily recommended by Owsley Stanley, a Grateful Dead sound engineer.

Stanley made the drug himself and it is generally assumed that the total amount he made was half a kilo, an amount adequate for 500 hits of 100 microgram. Far out, man!

Active: 1966-1972; 1974-1975; 1978-1979; 1983-1994; 1999-2009, USA

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Anonymous said...

Owsley would have laughed at 100 mic doses back then. As far as I know Blue Cheer was a private batch and probably in the 500+ mic range.

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