BZN - Band Without a Name

If an eel is slippery, then BZN is the ideal interpreter of the 'eel sound'. To date the band from idyllic fishing village Volendam is by far the best selling Dutch album act of all time, turning out tasty pop, rock and Schlager music.

BZN had to have a band name - Volendam - Hotel Spaander interiorWhen they came together in 1966, the band members had a hard time finding a good name for their group. Fortunately the folks of Volendam - never wavering when pressed to come up with a nickname – already had baptized the band ‘Band Zonder Naam', which is Dutch for Band Without a Name (at times also called BZN '66).

That name stuck and that is how BZN got its name.

We could simply have stated here that the Band Without a Name should have been left out of this blog altogether, simply because, when asked what their band name is, the reply invariably is 'band without a name'.

True insight however is gained from observing the normal as well as the really weird cases, and for this reason we believe that including this entry safeguards the scientific integrity of this study. Well, at least some of it.

Active: 1966-2007, NLD

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