Dash Rip Rock

How Dash Rip Rock got their band name - Beverly_hillbilliesEvolved out of a three member rockabilly band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dash Rip Rock - with only one of the original musicians left in its ranks – has now settled down in New Orleans. The musical direction has also changed: nowadays Dash Rip Rock is respected in particular for a rather rough live act that thrives on performances in cafes and at parties.

Dash Rip Rock got the name from a TV series - back then considered humorous, now mainly regarded as camp: the Beverly Hillbillies. Dash Riprock in that series is one of the men lending color to the life of the attractive and sensuous Ellie May Clampett - only child and favourite of main character Jed Clampett.

Active: 1987-present, USA
Site: http://www.dashriprock.net/

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