DB Cooper - Vanished into thin air

Californian rock band that - as far as we can gather - managed to bring out only one self-produced EP and (in 1981) the LP Dangerous Curves (Warner Music).

Why DB Cooper band name - Parachute jumper-bc-611They have not become famous, the musicians of DBC, unlike the man who unknowingly catered for the band name.

On 24 november 1971 a certain D.B. Cooper boarded a Northwest Orient Airlines plane. During the flight, after having enjoyed a bourbon with soda and a cigarette (at the time that was still possible), he gave a flight attendant a note with the warning that he would detonate a bomb unless he would receive 200 thousand dollars plus four parachutes (two regular ones and two backups).

The machine landed and the FBI agreed to his demands. The aircraft took off again and Cooper gave the stewardess a two thousand dollar tip, tied something around his waist (one of the parachutes?), opened the rear hatch of the plane and stepped out, with or without parachute. The plane landed a little later, with the hatch still open.

People in the know say that Cooper can not have survived the jump. His body however has not been found to this day.

Active: 1980-1981?, USA



Steve Davis said...

These guys rocked. These guys freaking rocked HARD. It's a shame there was only the one album

Anonymous said...

There were two albums, "Buy American" and "Dangerous Curves".

Anonymous said...

I have both vinyls. They are one of the best unknown rock bands. Very solid, well written music. What happened to them?

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