Dr. Feelgood - Why so serious?

Canvey Island in Essex, England was for many years an attraction for artists such as Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Nick Lowe and the Kursaal Flyers, all acts interested in pub rock. For that reason Canvey Island is the birthplace of one of the finest exponents of that genre: pub rock band Dr. Feelgood, aka Canvey Island's Finest.

The name of the British band could have been given in by a number of different things.

Where Dr. Feelgood got the band name from - the_mad_doctor_by_svenovic-d54v387'Doctor Feelgood' is slang for a doctor who is willing to generously prescribe mind-expanding sweets.

Dr. Feelgood was also the nickname of American blues pianist and singer Willie Perryman, who as Dr. Feelgood & The Interns recorded a number entitled Dr. Feel-Good.

Various other recordings and compositions with the same title are also fit to serve as inspiration source. To name a few: Johnny Kidd and the Pirates recorded the version of Curtis Smith, Aretha Franklin did the same with her own version.

Active: 1971-present, GBR
Site: http://drfeelgood.org/



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