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What GTOs band name stands for - groupiesThe GTOs sometimes are described as a groupie group. Despite the fact that they were 'discovered' by Frank Zappa (who had some of these girls babysit his oldest children, Dweezil and Moon Unit) they can boast no more than one album, aptly titled Permanent Damage (1969).

The groupies who together formed the GTOs were Pamela, Sparky, Lucy, Christine, Sandra, Mercy and Cynderella. They virtuously used the title 'Miss' in front of their names - even though most of the girls spent their days on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

Most sources agree on the meaning of the acronym that served as their band name: it stands for Girls Together Outrageously. It should be noted that author Stanley Booth in his book The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones points out that the 'o' could also stand for orally or anything else starting with O.

Active: 1968-1969, USA

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