Mussolini Headkick - A bit of a mess

Fascinating band name, terrible music (sorry fans).

Mussolini Headkick was one of the many music projects Belgian Luc Van Acker dived into. Other more or less musical exercises he undertook had names like Arbeid Adelt! (There is nobility in labour), Shriekback, Ministry, Revolting Cocks and Dancable Weird Shit.

The band and project name Mussolini Headkick was copied from a Cabaret Voltaire song, entitled Do The Mussolini Headkick. But the real inspiration was a series of events that took place on 28 april 1945 in Giulino di Mezzegra and Milan in Northern Italy.

Mussolini Headkick name history - Mussolini PropagandaIn the former hamlet the Italian leader of the fascists, Benito Mussolini, and many of his cronies (on the run to Germany) were shot. The corpses were taken to Milan, where they were hanged just to be sure, upside down by the heels to break the routine.

Moments before the assembled Italians, having tolerated Benito's dictatorship for 23 years, suddenly became so angry at him that they spitted on him and kicked him in the face. A fire hose had to be used on the crowd to restore some order. Mussolini cared very little.

Active: approx. 1989-approx. 1991, BEL

See also: Cabaret Voltaire

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