Pop Will Eat Itself - With lots of ketchup

Also known as PWEI or The Poppies.

The band, that comes from Stourbridge in the UK (West Midlands), chose a name that actually is a quote.

Where Pop Will Eat Itself comes from - GraffitiThe statement 'Pop will eat itself' comes from the English jangle pop band Jamie Wednesday, that held out about four years in the 80's and then passed into oblivion.

The quote can be found in an interview that David Quantick wrote down for English music magazine New Musical Express (NME).

In the interview Jamie Wednesday predicted that cannibalization will be the downfall of pop music, due to the endless recycling of old ideas.

Just like the end of times the end of pop music, however, still does not seem to be imminent.

Active: 1986-1996; 2005; 2010-present, GBR
Site: http://www.popwilleatitself.net/pwei/



popwilleatitself.net said...

This is incorrect. David Quantick came up with the quote.

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