Shadows - Splitting personalities

Do we need to tell you that this was the backing band of singer Cliff Richard? And that The Shadows fulfilled the role so clearly outlined by their band name?

After all, they acted as the 'musical' shadows of forever-young Richard, who lovingly called his escort his Shads. In any case no deep thoughts were wasted on the name of the musical foursome from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

The reason we spotlight them here is that virtually all involved had a thing with names and/or pseudonyms.

Shadows name history - Morris - Lucky Luke shoots faster than his shadowTo start with, Cliff Richard should officially be called Harry Webb.

The bespectacled solo guitarist, Hank Marvin, really is Brian Robson Rankin (his fellow students called him Hank for his O-legs, that made him look like the prototypical American cowboy).

Rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch was born Bruce Cripps (Welch was the name of his mother).

Jet Harris (bass, died in 2011) came into this world as Terence Harris, but was called Jet because he was a very fast runner.

And the drummer, Tony Meehan (who died in 2005), was actually called Brian Meehan - although it should be mentioned in his defense that one of his other first names was Anthony.

Active: 1958-1970; 1973-1990; 2004-2005; 2008-2010, GBR

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