What TPau band name means - TPauPop group led by singer Carol Decker. Disintegrated later, but Decker still tours the nostalgia circuit.

The singer apparently is a Star Trek enthusiast, because T'Pau is a character with an important role in Amok Time (episode 30, first broadcast September 15, 1967).

T'Pau is the priestess who is charged with performing the so-called Koon-ut-kal-if-fee wedding ceremony on the planet Vulcan for doctor Spock and his fiancée, T'Pring. Too bad for Spock, but the wedding was cancelled.

And regarding T'Pau: that was a kind of Vulcan heroine. The priestess led the rebellion of the Syrranites against the Vulcanus supreme command and then turned down her well-deserved reward, a seat in the Federal Council.

Active: 1986-1991; 1998-present, GBR
Site: http://www.tpau.co.uk/

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