Air Supply

Soft rock group from Melbourne, performing as a quintet at first, but de facto a duo, consisting of English guitarist/vocalist Graham Russell and Australian lead singer Russell Hitchcock.

The two could have made things easy for themselves by adopting Russell as a band name, but they held on to Air Supply instead.

Rumour has it that Graham saw this name in a dream on a signboard five years before founding AS. Others swear that during a performance they heard Russell Hitchcock say that 'supply' is the same as 'plenty' and 'air' means 'melody'. In a few words, full of melodies.

How Air Supply got their band name - Bush Pilots Australia - vics-planeNot everyone takes this for granted.

As a blogger discloses on the internet: 'I've been told that this concerns an Australian group and Air Supply is an Australian expression. If for example someone asks: 'How in God's name did you manage to get this guitar delivered in this godforsaken hole?', the reply is: 'Air supply. I paid extra to have it flown in.'

Active: 1975-present, GBR/AUS

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