Indie rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, sometimes viewed as the Southern United States' response to Yo La Tengo (q.v.) and certainly influenced by them.

Antietam band name explanation - A Lonely Grave Antietam 1862Many Americans, in particular Southerners, know the Battle of Antietam by a different name: the Battle of Sharpsburg. The encounter lasted only one day and was the bloodiest in American history: 23,000 people were killed and injured.

The Antietam band members do not convey why they find that this specific historic event fits the music they make. They do reveal though that at the time of choosing the name they did not realise how often it would be spelled incorrectly: it was mangled into amongst others Antidam, Antetam, Antietem, Anteetam, Antitam and even Auntie Em.

Active: 1984-1996; 2004-present, USA

See also: Yo La Tengo

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