Bad Manners - Literally

The proverb nomen est omen (a name is an omen, a sign of what is going to happen in the future) is entirely applicable to this English ska and two tone band from London, that once started as Buster Bloodvessel and his Bad Manners.
How Bad Manners got their band name - stealing_speakers_Fluon

Buster Bloodvessel (after the grotesque character acting in Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour) is none other than frontman Doug Trendle, and regarding the bad manners: we could fill columns here with lurid details.

We will however confine ourselves to two incidents: one is the time that Doug halfway through the (aptly named) number Cheese and Pickle Blues committed the contents of his stomach to the first rows of the audience, the other is when the band gave a concert the proceeds of which would be donated to the deprived children of Hackney. At the end of that performance Doug announced that the band members considered themselves 'deprived children', after which they beat a speedy retreat carrying the cash box with them.

Active: 1976-present, GBR

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