Badfinger - Nine left

Rock band from Swansea, Wales, that, owing to efforts Beatles roadie Mal Evans had made, was just a hand's breadth away from the Apple label. Rightly so in fact, as the band in question was an established band that had achieved some fame under the name The Iveys.

Several accounts are going around about the source of the name Badfinger. It is beyond dispute that the middle finger ('digitus impudicus' the Romans called it, practised as they were with its application) was pointed at.

Band name Badfinger explanation - Musical gloveSupposedly a colleague of Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, came up with the name, as a kind of reference to the Beatles song With A Little Help From My Friends.

Initially that number was called Bad Finger Boogie, so called because John Lennon played the melody with his middle finger. As a reasonably experienced pianist with a recently injured index finger, what else could he do?

Active: 1969-1975; 1978-1984, GBR

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