Booker T and the MG's

R & B group from Memphis, Tennessee, strong in instrumental numbers.

Organist / pianist Booker T. Jones is to be held partly accountable for the name of the formation, the other part is attributed to the 'birthplace' of the band, Memphis - at least, that is the official story.

His parents named Booker T. Jones after American civil rights activist Booker T. Washington. But while the middle name of the latter was Taliaferro, the 'T.' in Booker T. Jones' name did not mean anything at all; so Booker T. Jones is his full name.

How Booker T and the MG's got their band name - Old MG carRegarding the MG's: according to the record company of the band, Stax, this part was not based on a car brand; it is supposed to mean Memphis Group. Other Stax artists however - counting among them songwriter Chips 'Do Right Woman' Moman – maintain that 'MG' definitely is a respectful bow to the motorized power packs of that name, but that Stax was afraid of becoming entangled in trademark issues. Moman says that Booker T. and he together once formed a backing group at Stax that was called The Triumphs (yes, also a car brand).

Later on in his career Booker T. came to regret that the band name made such a clear distinction between his character and that of his MG's. As a result Stax treated Booker T. with much more respect than the really not talentless MG's (including Musical Greats as Donald 'Duck' Dunn and Steve Cropper). At one point Booker T. was so sick and tired of it that he ended the cooperation with Stax; it would have filled Booker T. Washington with pride.

Active: 1962-1977; 1994-present, USA

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